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A tour of Nell Gwynn

Welcome to Nell Gwynn Nursery. At Ann Bernadt and Nell Gwynn Nurseries we create safe, nurturing environments where everyone is known and valued and where needs are acknowledged, accepted and met. We are dynamic schools with an inclusive ethos which ensures there are consistently high expectations for all.

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Nell Gwynn Tour:

Lynne has a walk around the school and points out some great features that you may not be aware of. To watch the tour, press play.

We talk to Pippa:

In this video, Lynne catches up with Pippa, Head of School at Nell Gwynn. To watch the video, press play.

All about our Year Twos:

Lynne catches up with Ruby who tells us all about the many activities and learning methods adopted for our Year Two children. To watch the video, press play.